Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Rebecca Slingback @ FASHIONTROPIC

Summer print sandals @ FASHIONTROPIC event!

Date: July 7 - 30.
(direct LM to *G Field* booth )

::::: *GF* Rebecca Slingback -tropical / ethnic :::::
Peeptoe slingback sandal with tropical/ethnic print.
Some parts color changeable via HUD.
# You need [Slink AvEnhance Feet Mid or Maitreya Mesh Body] to wear this.(Mesh Feet not included.)
# This shoes can NOT wear on default avatar feet.

-tropical : In 6 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 300L$ each. (fat pack: 840L)

-ethnic : In 4 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 300L$ each. (fat pack: 560L)

(These will be sale at main store after the event.)

FASHIONTROPICという、名前の通りトロピカルなファッションがテーマのイベントに参加しています。7月30日まで。 うちからは夏っぽいプリントサンダルを出しています。(Slink/Maitreyaのメッシュ製足の必要なアイテムです。デフォルトのアバター足ではお使いいただけませんのでご注意ください。)特に割引等はないイベントですが、本店にはイベント終了後まで並びませんので、ぜひ会場までいらしてくださいね!

*G Field* main store :

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Jessica Flats @ SOU by

New summer flats released! Only available at SOU by event place until July 25, with special price.
Please visit and enjoy!

Date: June 26th – July 25th
LM to the SOU by

These new shoes are special price for SOU 1st Anniversary, 100L each. (Fatpack 50% off)
After the event they will back to main store with regular price.

::::: *GF* Jessica Flats /Jessica Flats -tropical :::::
Peeptoe flat shoes with bow.
Compatible with Slink / Maitreya flat mesh feet and default avatar feet.

# Jessica Flats (basic colors)
Contain 3 shoe color(plain, border and white), 16 bow color changeable via HUD.
In 7 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 250L$ each. (fat pack: 840L)

# Jessica Flats -tropical
In 6 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 200L$ each. (fat pack: 600L)

*G Field* main store :

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mesh items listed on Marketplace store!

I listed Mesh items on Marketplace. Please use there for your shopping or gift purchase.
Old layer clothes and sculpted items are available at in world store only.

> G Field in Marketplace

*G Field* main store :

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Black Fashion Fair :: New Sherry Dress

The Black Fashion Fair start 17th, and I'm join it!

Event: Black Fashion Fair
Date: April 17 - May 01(4PM SLT)
Official Site: WeDo SL Events

SLURL to my booth: G Field@Black Fashion Fair

Here is new and exclusive pre-sales at the fair, Sherry dress.
(After the event, they will be sales at the main store.)

::::: Lace Dress "Sherry" :::::
This is mesh product. Lacy short sleeveless dress with collar.
Including HUD for collar and bijoux color change.
5 standard size(L,M,S,XS,XXS) and flat chest version(with all size).
In 7 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 300L$ each. (fat pack: 1000L$)
This is not fitted mesh, this rigged mesh items can NOT RESIZED. Try DEMO before your purchase, to be sure it will fit your body.

*G Field* main store :

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fashion for Life 2015 :: 3 exclusive outfits

Fashion for Life 2015 started Saturday, March 21, and I'm join it!

Date: March 21th – March 29th

direct LM to *G Field* booth

These 3 package are exclusive sales at "Fashion for Life 2015" event SIM,
and 100% proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.
Please visit the event and make donation(purchase)!

[01&02] *GF*[Mesh] Off-shoulder Dress SAKURA/YOZAKURA
(Exclusive color of Aurora dress)

[03] *GF*[Mesh] Sleeveless Tops & Annis Skirt Set(black&pink)
(Exclusive color of Sleeveless Tops and High Waist Skirt Annis)

I hope you love them and make donation... Thank you!

SLにおける大規模チャリティーイベント、Fashion for Life 2015 が21日からはじまりました。G Fieldも参加させていただいています。
このイベントでは、各店舗、イベントロゴの入った専用ベンダーによるアイテムの売り上げは、100% American Cancer Society(アメリカ癌協会)に寄付されます。
G Field ブース はこちらです。

*G Field* main store :