Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New release: Aquarium series, Tank and Guppy for tank

Fish rezzer and fish require the Aquarium series tank.
Please get both the Tank and the Rezzer to enjoy your aquarium.

Aquarium Tank.
Include: Bubble particle, 6 frame texture, Bubble sound(sound on/off, volume set).
Available in 3 sizes(L/M/S) with 3 shapes(Box/Cylinder/Sphere), 3 decoration types.(L size tank is box only.)
Prims: 5~32, please check detail at the store.
Price: 400~500. Trans only.

Fish rezzer.
Available in 6 fishs.
Prims: 5 prims each, include 3 size fish.
Price: 600, Copy only.

Set up is too easy! Rez the tank and rezzer, touch the rezzer then select fish size and the number of fish.
That's all. Fish will go in the tank automatically! You can release an unlimited amount of fish.
For more information, read here.[*GF* Aquarium Tank and Fish set up guide]

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