Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New release:Wedding Bouquet

Hello! I released new wedding bouquet.
You can choice 2 style, round or heart :D
Available in 5 colors now, white, red, pink mix, blue mix and yellow mix.

All bouquet include 1 boutonniere, 5 holding pose(touch to change by dialog) and Bride AO(trans ver).
You can hold your bouquet always!

Also available extra boutonniere.

If you want other color bouquet, ask me anytime :)

*G Field* main store :

Monday, April 13, 2009

New release: Clothes & Choker

I released new casual outfits. :D
*Capri Jeans, Marble*
In 3 colors, Midday Blue, Sunrise Pink, and Sunset Red.
permission:mod, copy(script:no mod), each 80L$.
Marble Pack(3 colors)=150L$.

*TubeTop & FishNet Shirt*
In 4 colors, Red, Purple, Blue and Green.
permission:mod, copy, each 100L$.

*Metal Rose Choker*
Leather ribbon choker with metallic rose.
In 4 colors, Silver, Gold, Black and Red.
permission:mod, copy, each 120L$.

*G Field* main store :

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New release:Egg Pot

Hello! I released new garden goods, Egg Pot! :D
Pot only(2 prims) or with ivy(5 prims), in 2 colors.

*G Field* main store :