Wednesday, September 24, 2014 :: New Annis skirt & Sleeveless tops

"" round 2 has started, I placed new Annis skirt and Sleeveless tops.
Only available at the event now, also 30% OFF !!
(They will be sale at main store after the event in regular price.)
Please visit the event and enjoy!

date: Sep 20 - Oct 15, 2014. round2
official site(shop list, item catalog):

::::: *GF*[Mesh] Sleeveless Tops :::::
This is mesh product. Sleeveless tops with neck bow with 2 style(shirt-in for Annis&Doris skirt / out via HUD.)
Including flat chest version(with XS size).
In 3 colors set(contain 5 colors in each), Mod/Copy/No-trans, 300L$ each. (fat pack: 750L) >>30% OFF

::::: *GF*[Mesh] High Waist Skirt "Annis" :::::
This is mesh product. Lace-up high waist skirt with line flower print.
In 5 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 180L$ each. (fat pack: 540L) >>30% OFF

This is not fitted mesh, this rigged mesh items can NOT RESIZED. Try DEMO before your purchase, to be sure it will fit your body. 2回目始まりましたー。今回はさらに参加店が増えているようですよ。前回に続きハイウエストスカート&トップスシリーズ、イベント会場にて先行販売&30%オフセールです。Doris skirt & Bow neck topsと上下入れ替えて着ることもできます。
この機会にぜひお立ち寄りくださいね! お待ちしています。

*G Field* main store :