Friday, June 15, 2012

New release :: Halter Bow Romper

I released MESH romper :)

::::: [Mesh] Halter Bow Romper :::::
This is rigged mesh product.
Bow color changeable via HUD.
in 6 colors, Mod(no-resize)/Copy/No-trans, 300L$ each. (fat pack: 1000L)

Rigged mesh items can NOT RESIZED. Try DEMO before your purchase, to be sure it will fit your body.

*G Field* main store :

Friday, June 8, 2012

Clothing for Petite

Clothing for "Petite Mesh Avatars" !
If you are Petites, visit my small Petites Market :) [G Field Petites Market]
If you are not Petites... sorry, you can't wear these!
Want become Petites? Visit [The Petites Kingdom] first! You can find various Petite Avatars.

::::: Flower&Lace Tops :::::
rigged mesh halter tops with flower corsage. in 4 colors, 80L$ each. (fat pack: 200L)

::::: Long Cuff Boots Will :::::
Will boots for Petites. Long boots with cuffs. Cuffs, lace and sole color changeable via HUD. in 10 colors, 120L$ each. (fat pack: 600L)

::::: Frill Shorts :::::
rigged mesh frill shorts. in 13 colors, 80L each. (fat pack 600L)

# I have free DEMO for all products, please try demo before your purchase!
# All products in this "Petites Market" section are made for "Petites Mesh Avatars" by Yabusaka.
# Default SL Avatars can not use these clothing.

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