Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoetopia 2013!

The Shoetopia 2013 started Nov 15 and I'm join it!
Lots of stores and shoes waiting your visit :)

Shoetopia 2013
Date: November 15-30
Official information( LM, map, shop list):

These 2 shoes are exclusive sales at Shoetopia, and 100% proceeds going to the Soles4Souls.
Please visit the event and make donation. Thank you!

*GF*[Mesh] Wedge Boots "Nancy" -charcoal-

*GF*[Mesh] Wedge Boots "Nancy" -beige-

Direct LM to my booth: [Shoetopia 2103 - G Field ]

Also I made a little gift to visitors.... only at Shoetopia.

I hope you love them.... and enjoy "shoe heaven" !
Thank you!

11月15日から開催されている靴フェア Shoetopia 2013 に、G Fieldも参加しています。

G FieldブースのLMはこちらです。[Shoetopia 2103 - G Field ]


*G Field* main store :http://slurl.com/secondlife/YABU/155/130/23

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Gift!

I'm placed special items (This year and last year's gift and limited boots...) for halloween! Check it out ;)
All gift and special price items available until November 5.
*G Field* main store :http://slurl.com/secondlife/YABU/155/130/23

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New release :: Taylor dress and Adele pumps

New mesh dress and shoes.
I hope you will enjoy new spring releases!

::::: *GF*[Mesh] Puff Sleeve Dress "Taylor" :::::
This is mesh product. High waist skirt dress.
in 10 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 300L$ each. (fat pack: 1500L)

Rigged mesh items can NOT RESIZED. Try DEMO before your purchase, to be sure it will fit your body.

::::: *GF*[Mesh] Wedge Pumps "Adele" :::::
This is mesh product. front ribbon wedge pumps with cute spring colors!
Unrigged mesh, some parts color changeable via HUD.
In 20 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 280L$ each. (fat pack: 1800L)

You can buy these at main store and FFL2013 booth(refer this post) too.

*G Field* main store :http://slurl.com/secondlife/YABU/155/130/23

Fashion for Life 2013!

Fashion for Life 2013 started Saturday, March 9, and I'm participating it!

Date: March 9th – March 17th
Event information, store list & SLURL : http://thebestofsl.com/fashion-for-life-2013-who-what-where/

direct LM to *G Field* booth

These 3 package are exclusive sales at "Fashion for Life 2013" event SIM,
and 100% proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.
Please visit the event and make donation(purchase)!
( DEMO available at main store. you can try it before go to event.)

[Mesh] Puff Sleeve Dress "Taylor" , peach&black set, white&mint set.

[Mesh] Wedge Pumps "Adele" , coral and beige.

Also I made a small free gift... this is only at FFL, of course.

I hope you love them and make donation... Thank you!

SLにおける大規模チャリティーイベント、Fashion for Life 2013 が9日からはじまりました。G Fieldは今年も参加させていただいています。
このイベントでは、各店舗、イベントロゴの入った専用ベンダーによるアイテムの売り上げは、100% American Cancer Society(アメリカ癌協会)に寄付されます。
G Field ブース はこちらです。

*G Field* main store :http://slurl.com/secondlife/YABU/155/130/23

Friday, February 15, 2013

Offline notification

>> Dear Customers <<
I'm out of SL due to my RL family vacation until Feb 23.
Sorry inconvenience, I can't quick reply and support while this time.
Please send NC if you need my help, I'll react ASAP when I'm back home.
Thank you!

Also I can't accept any personal orders until Feb 23.

*G Field* Cerberus Noel


>> お客様へ <<

*G Field* main store :http://slurl.com/secondlife/YABU/155/130/23

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Petites!

It's 1st Birthday of Petite mesh avatar!
I'm participating their celebration in The Petites Kingdom Anniversary Market, with limited sales items.
Let's enjoy and celebrate, lovely Petites!

event : PetitesFest 2013
date : February 1 - 10
place : Petites Kingdom [SLURL] Anniversary Market

Here are my anniversary items, limited color fairy dress and 1L$ gift sandal.
(Only available at The Petites Kingdom Anniversary Market, and limited time.)

*G Field* main store :http://slurl.com/secondlife/YABU/155/130/23