Thursday, June 25, 2009

New release: Wedge Tong Sandal "Sunny", Hibiscus, Ruffle Dress "Grace" light color

I released new items yesterday.
And we are still having half price sale!(until 30th, SLT)

*Wedge Tong Sandal "Sunny"*
Cork wedge sandal. You can choice with flower or without flower.
Available in 12 colors, Mod/Copy(script: No mod), Price:180.
(All color pack include 1 extra color pair.)

*Hibiscus Hair Clip*
Beautiful flower for summer beach! Include 2 flower, for left side or right side on your head. default attach point is chin or mouth.
Available in 18 colors, Mod/Trans, Price:100.
Also available 3 colors pack, price:200.

*Ruffle Dress "Grace" light color*
More color for Grace. Rose pink, Orange, Lavender, and Aqua.
Mod/Copy, Price:300.

*G Field* main store :

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New release & SALE!

Today(June 24) is our SIM's 1st birthday!!
That's why we are having big SALE! Please come to our SIM, enjoy summer night shopping :)
Place: YABU (
Date: June 24th, 00:00 - 30th, 23:59 (SLT)
Shop list: YABUSAKA, mayuki nozaki, Petit Ange, Kyccie's & KonohanaSakuya, G Field

These are my 50%OFF sale items. All NEW and HALF PRICE!
Also some yellow and orange items are 30% Off.
Don't miss this chance ;)

*G Field* main store :

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fashion Expo 2009!!

Fashion Expo 2009 is OPEN now!! (until 14th June)
I've made 2 exclusive RFL items, ONLY available at Expo.
Please come to see our YABU SIM's booth, make a donation and get them! :D
[Fashion Expo 2009]

*G Field* main store :

Monday, June 8, 2009

New release: "Grace" dress & "Dorothy" shoes

Hello! I released new dress and shoes! :D

*Ruffle dress "Grace"*
Elegant ruffle dress! Available in 4 colors. Mod/Copy, Price:300.

*Wedge platform shoes "Dorothy"*
Wedge platform shoes. You can change wedge color with dialog.
Available in 6 colors, Mod/Copy(script: No mod), Price:180.

*G Field* main store :