Sunday, October 30, 2022

Halloween Gift 2022 for Update Group Members!

Halloween gift 2022!
I send to group members, also placed groupgift vendor on store, gift section :)
Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 17, 2022

Halloween Outfit @ Hallow Manor 2022

I'm participating in Hallow Manor 2022, shopping and hunt event for Halloween.

[[ Hallow Manor 2022 ]]
Date : Oct 14 - Nov 1 (12pm SLT), 2022.
Official Site : Silly Llama Productions [Hallow Manor Prize and Shopping Gallery]
LM to event SIM

Here are my new release for the event.

::::: *GF* Ghost Bride Outfit :::::
Off-shoulder dress with flexi sleeves and veil.
Color: White and Black, 99L$ each.
Size: Maitreya Lara only.

And Hunt prize is here.

# This is not free hunt, you need to buy HUD to join hunt. Please read carefully the [Hallow Manor Hunter’s Guide].

*G Field* main store :