Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Release ::: Off-shoulder Chiffon Tops

Hi, I released new cloth for Spring, See-through and fluffy off-shoulder tops.

* Off-shoulder Chiffon Tops *
Loose body parts can turn it on/off, please touch it for change.
In 12 colors, 6 small flower print, 6 plain color.
Mod/Copy, 120L$ each. (available some fat pack)

*G Field* main store :

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Set

*Valentines Set*
Limited time offer for Valentine's Day.
Available until 14th 24:00 (SLT), only 50L$. (there is transfer set too)
Include sleeveless shirt, prim collar with ruffle & bow, 2 style high waist skirt, stockings and shoes.
Happy Valentine! ;D

*G Field* main store :

Friday, February 5, 2010

New release::: Blouse, Classic dress, Skirt... and new Building!

Hello! I've renew my main store building XD
... it's not completely finished, but you can shop already!

Well, here is new stuff.
Please come to explore and enjoy shopping :)

* Silky Blouse "Charlotte" *
Pretty blouse with ruffle and bow.
This is include long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless with all layer.
Also include 2 style collar(bow color changeable), prim cuff, prim puff-sleeve,
prim tail with ruffle.
in 7 colors, Mod/Copy, 260L$ each. (All color pack: 1300)

* Classic Dress "Clea" *
Classic style dress for girls. Include 2 style flexi skirt.
In 7 colors, Mod/Copy, 260L$ each. (All color pack: 1300)

* High Waist Skirt "Bella" *
Lace up skirt with rose pattern.
Include 2 style prim skirt, normal flexi skirt and sculpt balloon skirt.
In 6 colors, Mod/Copy, 120L$ each. (All color pack: 480)

*G Field* main store :