Thursday, July 15, 2010

New release :Floral Swimwear!

G Field released swimwear, Bikini for ladies and shorts for mens!
Transfer version available this time, enjoy summer beach with pair swimwear ;P

::: *GF* Floral Bikini :::
Flower print bikini with side bow.
In 6 colors, Mod/Copy, 130L$ each. (fatpack 550L$)

::: *GF* Floral Swim Shorts [mens] :::
Flower print swim shorts.
In 6 colors, Mod/Copy, 100L$ each. (fatpack 400L$)

::: *GF* Floral Bikini & Swim Shorts Set :::
Bikini & Swim Shorts Set. Transfer version.
In 6 colors, Mod/Trans, 200L$ each. (fatpack 950L$)

*G Field* main store :

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Release: Cocktail Dress "Helen"

New short cocktail dress "Helen"!
Include all layer tops, 2 style bottoms(normal glitch pants or bodysuit pants), gloves, prim skirt and prim corsage.
In 12 colors, Mod / Copy, 280L$ each (all 12 color pack: 2000).

*G Field* main store :