Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Release :: Ruffle Bolero

I released Ruffle Bolero.

::::: *GF* Ruffle Bolero :::::
include; 3 length sleeve tops(shirt & jacket layer), prim collar,
prim cuffs (short, middle, long).
in 7 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 180L$ each (available fat pack.)

*G Field* main store :

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New release :: Classic Dress Erika

::::: *GF* Classic Dress "Erika" :::::
Include layer tops, glitch pants, prim sleeve, 2 length prim skirt, prim bow.
in 5 colors, Mod/Copy, 260L$ each (all 5 color pack: 800).

*G Field* main store :

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Otsukimi Hunt

Hello, new Hunt info :)
I'm participating in the [Otsukimi Hunt], from September 18 to 26.

Quick Info;
Date : September 18 to 26 AM8:00(SLT)
Place : Roman SIM&Taisyo SIM (starting point: Roman )
Search for : chibi wafun 1~17 (small yellow animal... looks like dog?)

for more detail, role and participating store, please check this blog.
Roman & Modern

[!!] This is SIM wide hunt, many prizes are NOT inside the branch store. Search around the both SIM.
[!!] I'm not organizer of this hunt. If you have any question about hunt, please ask sim owner, seri Writer.

My prize is this one, brown plaid dress with bunny-ear bow headband.

good luck and enjoy hunting!
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Ruffle Socks

I released Ruffle Socks. Let's ready for fall!

::::: *GF* Ruffle Socks :::::
plain socks with ruffle cuffs.
3 length (short, knee high, over knee)
include underpants layer socks. (why? you can mix other length/color socks!)
in 16 colors(2 color set, 8 packs), Mod/Copy/No-trans, 120L$. (available fat pack.)

I made free sample socks in mustard.
Please try it first, prim cuffs will fit your leg or not...

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New branch in petit pas mall & Lucky board

Hello girls,
it's time to try your luck ;P
I've opened small branch in petit pas mall, and placed lucky board(*group members only)!
The prize is *GF* Square-toe Shoes "Sophie" -autumn leaf- .

This prize is ::petit pas:: inworld group members only.
There are lot of LB here, don't miss them too!
Please join the group and show group-tag for receive LB items.
TAXI to [petit pas mall ]
Good luck!

*G Field* main store :

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New :: Square-toe Shoes

I released more shoes XD

::::: *GF* Square-toe Shoes "Sophie" :::::
Square toe shoes with wide strap belt.
You can choose edge and buckle color from 9 built-in colors.
in 10 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 180L$. (available fat pack.)

Please try DEMO at first!

*G Field* main store :