Friday, May 8, 2009

Buy One, Get One Free Offer for “PrimRose shoes A” users

My new "Rosette" shoes are a sort of a re-model of the "PrimRose shoesA” shoes I had first made.
They are no longer on sale, but still very precious to me.

So this is why I offer this pair of shoes to you with a "Thank you". :)

If you have bought the “PrimRose shoesA” before, you will now be able to buy a pair Rosette shoes and get another pair for free, and it doesn’t just stop there, if you buy 2 pairs of Rosette shoes, you can have 2 pairs for free!!! and have the complete Rosette collection for every ocasion.

Please check your Inventory!
(product name: PrimRose shoesA red&black, PrimRose shoesA red&white, PrimRose shoesA black&white, PrimRose shoesA white&black, PrimRose shoesA pink&brown, PrimRose shoesA pink&white)

Buy one pair of Rosette shoes and receive another pair free! Just drop me a notecard (to Cerberus Noel), with “your name” and “Rosette shoes colour which you want” and I will deliver a free pair to you!

*For a limited time; until August 31th, 2009.*

Thank You :)

Cerberus Noel

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