Monday, November 23, 2009

New Shoes

2009 SL Footwear Expo is now open! Please check the official blog for detail. Blog:[2009 SL® Footwear Expo!]

Well, here is my new shoes released today. :)
New shoes are only available at Expo place now, not my main store.
( You will be able to buy them in my main store tomorrow evening(SLT).)

*Ribbon Slingback Shoes*
Slingback pumps with cute ribbon. you can On/Off front and back ribbon, so they have 4 style in 1 pair!
in 30(!) colors, available some fat pack.
Mod/Copy, 180L$.

*Long Fur Cuff Boots*
loose suede boots with rich fur cuff.
in 9 colors, Mod/Copy, 180L$.
#This boots is too tight, so please try DEMO at first!

* Figure Pumps -hound tooth- *
Hound tooth pattern for Figure Pumps line.
in 4 colors, Mod/Copy, 180L$.

And these are 100% donation item for "Toys for Tots".

My booth is Here.

Enjoy Expo and make donation :D
Thank you!

*G Field* main store :