Sunday, September 19, 2010

Otsukimi Hunt

Hello, new Hunt info :)
I'm participating in the [Otsukimi Hunt], from September 18 to 26.

Quick Info;
Date : September 18 to 26 AM8:00(SLT)
Place : Roman SIM&Taisyo SIM (starting point: Roman )
Search for : chibi wafun 1~17 (small yellow animal... looks like dog?)

for more detail, role and participating store, please check this blog.
Roman & Modern

[!!] This is SIM wide hunt, many prizes are NOT inside the branch store. Search around the both SIM.
[!!] I'm not organizer of this hunt. If you have any question about hunt, please ask sim owner, seri Writer.

My prize is this one, brown plaid dress with bunny-ear bow headband.

good luck and enjoy hunting!
*G Field* main store :