Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Release :: Flower Pumps Eve at CHIC Limited

New shoes for ladies :D

Don't rush to my store, this is ONLY AVAILABLE at "CHIC Limited" event !
What : CHIC Limited ... new event by CHIC Management.
A limited monthly event with just 30 or less brands producing a new and exclusive item for a theme.
This month's theme is "Sweet & Sour".
for more detail :
Where :
When : January 15th - 29th.

*GF* Flower Pumps "Eve" has 20 color variations.
However, I'm pre-selling 8 selected individual color and 20color fat-pack first (at "CHIC Limited" venue) .
All individual color will be available at my main store AFTER this event, 30th January.
Flower Pumps "Eve" から8色(プラス20色ファットパック)を「CHIC Limited」イベント会場にて先行販売しています。

Here is detail of shoes.
::::: *GF* Flower Pumps "Eve" ::::::
Elegant flowery pumps.
Also you can "hide" the flower, so it become classic pumps for any occation!
Viewer1/2 compatible, flower corsage on/off option.
(*Only black and white shoes has 2 sole color and some flower color option.)
Mod / Copy /No-trans. 190L$. (black and white : 220. Fat pack available)

*G Field* main store :