Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aquarium Fish(free swimming) Set up guide

Set up is too easy. Follow the instruction.

[[ notice ]]
Fish require a minimum of 3 cubic and a maximum of 11 cubic meters to swim.
(Setting range + more than 1m margin)
Do not place the Fish on the edge of your land.
If you place the fish under Linden water, the fish will automatically swim under the water surface.

[[ how to set up ]]
1) Rez the Fish from your inventory.
Move the Fish to the start point where you would like them to swim from.

2) Touch the Fish, set the options if needed.

BrightOFF: Set to full bright off.
BrightON: Set to full bright on.
Size: Chage the fish size.
Range: Change the swimming range(diameter) of the fish.
Remove: Remove the fish.
Stay: Stay in the same place.
Swim!: Start swimming.

Default setting: full bright on, size default(medium), range 4m.

3) Select “Swim!” and Fish will start swimming.

4) Display the change options
Touch the Fish to stop swimming. Then touch again to call dialog menu.
# Select “Swim” and the fish will start swimming from the start point.
Please check the fish’s location before you start to swim.

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