Sunday, July 5, 2009

YABU SIM 1st Birthday Hunt!

Hello! Our SIM's B-Day party is not over yet!
Now we are having mushroom hunt! Look for shiny mushrooms, get your summer gifts ;)

Place: YABU (
Date: July 5th - 12th, 23:59 (SLT)
Shop list: YABUSAKA, mayuki nozaki, Petit Ange, Kyccie's & KonohanaSakuya, G Field

These are my gifts, all only available in this hunt. So don't forget to pick up ;)
Look for shiny yellow mushrooms.

Don't forget to look for other shop's mushroom too! There are lot of fabulous gifts!

Also, we will participate in "The Summer Lovin’ Hunt"! It's start July 5th,
so don't forget to pick up your gifts from “RAINBOW BEACH BALLS” too!
Enjoy hunting ;D

*G Field* main store :